The best part of UES is the people who work here. Our advanced practice clinicians are second to none. Just like the doctors, they are dedicated, competent, and compassionate. As you can see from this page, they love emergency care, their families, and Utah.

Ashley Iwasaki, PAC

AshleyAshley joined UES in 2010, although she had 11 prior years of emergency department work as a technician and a nurse. She graduated from the University of Utah with a BSN in 2006 and the University of Utah Physician Assistant Program in 2009 and worked in a ski clinic and an urgent care prior to joining UES. Her professional interest is orthopedics, particularly slopeside shoulder reductions!

Personal interests including mountain biking, road cycling, ultra running, skiing, and gymnastics. She loves the community feel of being in Utah, living close to the mountains, and being able to “snow ski and water ski on the same day.” She loves working at UES because “the staff show great interest in my needs and are very accommodating with personal concerns or issues, and help make life transitions much easier than prior employers.”

Cydney Mortensen, PAC

CydneytennisCydney joined UES in 2003 after working in family practice and pediatrics. She has a BS in biology from Utah State University and attended PA school at Baylor College of Medicine. She was the first mid-level hired by the group and considers her professional interest to be “whatever comes into the ER on a weekend night shift!” She says, “This is a fabulous group to work with.  I consider everyone I work with a friend.  This is a great group of doctors who are also great people!”

cydneyfamilyShe enjoys tennis, hiking, snorkeling, snowshoeing, shopping, biking, reading, traveling, watching sports, and playing with her four kids. She is a PTA and school volunteer, drives carpool, and watches volleyball, basketball and recitals. She says, “Utah is a great place to live!  You can enjoy all 4 seasons (a nice change from Texas) and there are tons of outdoor activities.  I can walk/ride from my front door to multiple trailheads in a matter of minutes.  From camping in the mountains to hiking in St. George, there is a wide variety within a few hours.”

Suzette Harding, PAC

IMG_0612Suzette joined UES in 2012 after working at University Medical Center in Las Vegas, a busy academic and level one trauma center for seven years. She graduated with a BS in Biology from Idaho State University in 2003 and completed a Master in Physician Assistant studies also at Idaho State University in 2005. She enjoys interacting with EMS, Ultrasound, laceration repairs, and the variety that comes with being in the ED. She says, “What I love about this group is the support given to the midlevels.  Each physician is accommodating and supportive in helping us do our jobs.  Family is paramount to this group and they have been flexible and understanding with different circumstances.  All physicians are approachable and willing to teach.”

IMG_4120She loves to snowboard, hike, bike, run, play piano, cook, and try out new restaurants and foods. Regarding Utah she says, “After living in Las Vegas for six years it was nice to move to a place that has all the seasons.  I love that I can go hiking literally in my backyard.  I love that within a short drive there are so many different landscapes to enjoy in Utah.  Utah has so many fun museums and activities that are fun for families.  Right now with small children, I am so happy to live in such a family friendly state.  From orchestra concerts, to Jazz games, to hiking, snowmobiling, and the dinosaur museum, you will literally never run out of things to do.”

Joselyn Londer, APRN, FNP

IMG_3910Joselyn joined UES in 2015 after completing a BSN and an MSN in Family Practice at Westminster College here in Salt Lake. She also spent four years as an ICU nurse prior to her master’s degree. She is also a clinical instructor at the Westminster undergraduate nursing program. She appreciates that EPIC is ” a very professional, well organized group that always feels accessible.” She has this to say about UES: “a supportive, good-natured group of providers that have a strong work ethic. As a new Nurse Practitioner I have felt tremendously supported at work.  All of the providers have proved to be excellent educators, which has contributed immensely to my own growth as a practitioner. I have been truly impressed with the camaraderie and support from UES.”
IMG_3973Joselyn enjoys alpine skiing, mountain biking, running, whitewater rafting, hiking, and backpacking-basically anything that gets her heart pumping.  She says, “Utah offers quick and easy access to everything backcountry you could ever need. It’s the perfect sized city when you need to go out and watch live music downtown or explore its wild peaks and get away from the crowd.”

Jennifer Avery, PAC

Jen joined UES in 2003. She majored in biology at Virginia Commonwealth University and then attended the Midwestern University PA Program. She then worked in cardiothoracic surgery and orthopedics before joining the group. Her passion for emergency medicine is “the grab bag effect of not knowing what you’re going to get when you enter a patient’s room in the ED.” She also loves doing procedures.

Jen enjoys running, cycling, hiking, skiing, and spending time with her family. Utah is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream. The only thing Utah lacks is the ocean. Jen enjoys working wtih UES because the group “continuously keeps up on the cutting edge of modern medicine and the other members are so fun to work with. UES truly is a hidden gem in the emergency medicine community.”